The Thirteen American Colonies

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Roanoke Island, Virginia
Sir Walter Raleigh

Esther Wheelwright Anne Hutchinson

New England Puritans

Peter Stuyvesant


What happened to the lost colony of Roanoke Island? Remote sensing unearths clues to 400-year-old American mystery

Jamestown Settlement 1607

Description of New York by Father Isaac Jogues (1646)

Prenuptial Agreement (1653)

Nathaniel Bacon's Declaration (July 30, 1676)

Bacon's Rebellion (National Parks Service)

Declaration against the Proceedings of Nathaniel Bacon (1676)

William Penn, from Model of Government (1681)

The New England Primer

Indentured Servants in Colonial America

Was Governor Philip Calvert's Baby Swaddled to Death?

Anne Wolseley Calvert' Lead Coffin

The Young Woman from Harleigh Knoll

Witch Trials, Salem, Massachusetts

Plymouth Rock

Albany Plan of Union (1754)

Benjamin Franklin, Observations Concerning the Increase of Mankind, Peopling of Countries, &c. (1751)

Benjamin Franklin on George Whitefield (1771)

George Whitefield in British 1760 cartoon

Byrd, II, William  (March 28, 1674–Aug. 26, 1744)

Encyclopedia Virginia
William Byrd (Virginia), diary extracts (1709-1712)
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Davenport, James (1716–1757)
Extract of a letter from Rhode Island, Pennsylvania Gazette (Philadelphia), April 7, 1743, 2
Extraordinary Proceedings at New London by Mr. Davenport and Followers, Boston Evening Post, April 11, 1743, 1
James Davenport's letter of retractions, Boston Gazette, Aug. 14, 1744, 1
The Confession and Retraction of Mr. Davenport, Boston Evening Post, Aug. 27, 1744, 1