July 20, 1999

Evacuated residents return after volcano eruption

                  MEXICO CITY (AP) -- More than 100 residents were allowed to return to
                  their homes near the Colima volcano on Monday, two days after a strong
                  eruption sent plumes of smoke four miles into the air and showered ash for
                  two hours.

                  But a landslide Sunday on the volcano's southern flank prevented 160 others
                  from reoccupying their houses.

                  The landslide spewed ash and other volcanic debris as far as two kilometers
                  (1.24 miles) away, a statement from the interior secretary's office said.

                  Allowed to return were 135 residents from the town of Yerbabuena in
                  Colima state, where the volcano is located, while 160 people from the towns
                  of Juan Barragan, Los Machos, Borbollan, Agostadero and Durazno in
                  neighboring Jalisco state were still barred from the area.

                  Parts of both states located near the volcano were in a state of "red alert"
                  during the evacuations, but activity in the volcano has since decreased. There
                  were no reports of injuries as a result of Saturday's eruption.

                  The Colima volcano is located 110 miles (177 kilometers) south of