February 16, 1999
Mexico's ``Volcano of Fire'' continues to rumble

                  GUADALAJARA, Mexico (Reuters) -- Mexico's Colima "Volcano of Fire"
                  continued to spit smoke and ash Monday, forcing the evacuation of more
                  nearby villages, officials said.

                  "We are prepared for any emergency," said Jaime Paz, director of civil
                  protection for the state of Jalisco, adding a total of 505 people had been moved
                  to emergency shelters since the volcano's activity picked up last week.

                  Located on the border between Jalisco and Colima states on the Pacific coast
                  about 440 miles west of Mexico City, the volcano has not experienced a
                  strong eruption since 1913. But last November, it surprised scientists by
                  unexpectedly spewing out lava.

                  Paz said up to 7,000 people might have to be evacuated if the volcanic activity
                  picked up any further.

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