Hernan Cortes Settlement
Villa Rica, Veracruz, Mexico

    "As soon as we had made this federation and friendship with more than twenty of the hill towns, known as the towns of the Totonacs, which at this time rebelled against the great Montezuma, and gave their allegiance to His Majesty, and offered to serve us--we determined with their ready help at once to found the Villa Rica de la Vera Cruz on a plain half a league [a mile and a half] from this fortress-like town called Quiahuitzlan, and we laid out plans of a church, market-place and arsenals, and all those things that are needed for a town, and we built a fort, and from the laying of the foundations until the  walls were high enough to receive the woodwork, loopholes, watch-towers, and barbicans, we worked with the greatest haste.
    Cortes himself was the first to set to work to carry out the earth and stone on his back, and to dig foundations, and all his captains and soldiers followed his example; and we kept on labouring without pause so as to finish the work quickly, some of us digging foundations and others building walls, carrying water, working in the lime kilns, making bricks and tiles, or seeking for food. Others worked at the timber, and the blacksmiths, for we had two blacksmiths with us, made nails. In this way we all laboured without ceasing, from the highest to the lowest; the Indians helping us, so that the church and some of the houses were soon built and the fort almost finished."
    Bernal Diaz del Castillo, The Discovery and Conquest of Mexico, XXXIII, pages 94-95.

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Entrance to the settlement on the left. Foundation of the settlement in Villa Rica.

Quiahuiztlan is located between the two hills. Quiahuiztlan is a mile and a half away.