USA Today
Sept. 16, 1999

Venezuela confronts France on terrorist

                   CARACAS, Venezuela - The government here has asked France to explain
                   how French police captured the Venezuelan-born terrorist "Carlos the Jackal"
                   in 1994, and it may request that the case be reopened if irregularities are
                   found. Ernesto Kleber of the Venezuelan foreign ministry tells The Associated
                   Press that Venezuela requested the information several months ago but
                   received no response. Venezuelan officials contend that Carlos, whose real
                   name is Ilich Ramirez Sanchez, may have been illegally arrested and
                   mistreated by the French. Ramirez, 49, was detained in Sudan and hauled to
                   Paris in a sack. He got a life sentence for the murder of two French secret
                   agents and an informer.