Some protesters burned a flag on Nov. 19, 2004, in Chile's capital to oppose        Presidents Ricardo Lagos and George Bush at the IV Summit
              United States policies in Iraq. Others protested economic globalization.                  of the Americas, Mar de Plata, Argentina, Nov. 4, 2005.

C.I.A. Chief Agrees to Release Documents on Chile
C.I.A. Says Chilean General in '76 Bombing Was Informer
Deal Reached on Sale of Jets to Chileans
Edward Korry, 81, Who Was Falsely Tied to Chile Coup, Dies
F.B.I. Helped Chile Search for Leftists, Files Show
House Democrats Urge Pinochet's Indictment
In Unusual Deal, Chile Will Buy Advanced U.S. Fighter Jets
Operation Condor: Ask the DEA
Pursuing the Past: Declassified Documents
U.S. Preparing to Sell F-16's to Chile
U.S. Probe Of Pinochet Reopened
U.S. rejects Chile extradition plea, lets leftist leader fly to Sweden
'Milestone' in Miami: U.S., Chile sign free-trade pact
Chile cheers Powell remarks on coup
Trade to flow freely between Chile and the US
Bush Promises Probe of Pinochet-Riggs Link
Thousands Demonstrate Against Bush in Santiago
Security Dispute Dulls Luster of Bush's Trip to Chile