Because of their sacrifice the Republic lives in freedom. That their memory will never be used to revive the old hatreds.

Terrorist operations in the months of October from 1970 to 1979.

List of people murdered, wounded and kidnapped:

14/10/70 MONTONEROS, murder of Mr. Osvaldo Sandoval, Federal Police Officer who had headed the investigation of the crime of Former State
President Aramburu, in Buenos Aires.

07/10/71 FAL, kidnapping of Mr. Jorge Vazquez Iglesias, business manager (rescued for $900,000 dollars).

29/10/71 ERP, murder two policemen in Buenos Aires State and steal their weapons. There was a confrontation with policemen and two
terrorists died.

02/10/74 ERP, murder Mr. Miguel Angel Paiva, Army Captain. He was shot in the street while traveling to the Army War College, where he was
a student.

03/10/74 MONTONEROS, murder of Mr. Juan Mario Russo, former Trade Union Leader, in Buenos Aires State.

07/10/74 ERP, murder of Mr. Jaime Jimeno, Biochemical Army officer. He was attacked in front of his home, in Buenos Aires State. There was a
confrontation with policemen and three terrorist died.

08/10/74 ERP, murder of Army Lieutenant Juan Carlos Gambande, in Santa Fe State.

08/10/74 groups of the presumed AAA, murder Mr. Rodolfo Achen and Mr. Carlos Miguel, Communist Party members.

09/10/74 ERP, murders of Mr. José F. Gardón, Army Lieutenant Colonel, Medical Corps, in Buenos Aires State.

13/10/74 groups of the presumed AAA, murder Mr. Pedro Barraza and Mr. Carlos Laham, Communist Party members.

13/10/74 ERP, failed attempt to murder Mr. Roberto Bargut, Manager of "GALIZIA BARGUT COMPANY". He was saverely wounded.

16/10/74 MONTONEROS, profanation of the former State President's ARAMBURU tomb, in the cemetery of The Recoleta, and stealing his
cadaver. He had been assasinated by Montoneros in 1970.The First Terrorist Officer Legal Name (LN): Paco Urondo - WAR NAME (WN): Italo
(journalist, who died later in an armed confrontation) was in charge of the operative. Others participants where LN: Carlos Alberto Collarini - WN:
Ernesto;WN: Camilo; WN: HUGO; Terrorist Officer LN: Urien - WN: Felipe (former navy officer, jailed from 1975 up to 1983); WN: Coca;
WN: Negra Marta; LN: Alicia Pierini - WN: Licha (in the 90th. Undersecretary's of Human Rights and then Parliament Member for Buenos Aires
City); WN: Beba; Major Terrorist Officer LN: Mercedes Carasso - WN: Lucy (then prisoner of legal forces); LN: Pagés Larraya - WN: Gordo
Mariano; WN: Biaggi; WN: Ernesto; WN: Cacho; WN: Topo; Second Terrorist Officer LN: Carlos Lebrón - WN: SORDO PANCHO (Navy officer
on retire, dead in 1976 in Tucumán); WN: Caracha; WN: Lucía; LN: Lugones - WN: Rosita; WN: Pablito; WN: Tutuca; WN: Chiquito; First
Terrorist Officer WN: Gallego Willy (then murdered in armed confrontation); LN: Jerez - WN: Chico and Second Terrorist Officer LN: Marcelo
Cerviño (then dead in armed confrontation).

22/10/74 MONTONEROS, murder of two Montoneros members (legal data unknown), accused of being informants, according to internal terrorist
documents, by applying the Revolutionary Justice Code."

26/10/74 MONTONEROS, murder Mr. Meifert. Subcommissary of Buenos Aires Police.

27/10/74 ERP, murder of Mr. Jordan Bruno Genta, university professor, writer and nationalist militant, in BuenosAires State .

30/10/74 groups of the presumed AAA, murder of Mr. Carlos Llerena Rosas, militant of a marxist political party.

20/10/74 ERP, seizure of Santa Lucía town, in Tucumán State, by the so called "ERP Rural Company - Ramón Rosa Giménez". Three civilians
were murdered.

02/10/75 MONTONEROS, murder of Mrs. Julia A. Mercado, Officer of Córdoba State Police.

05/10/75 MONTONEROS, failed attempt to seize the Regiment 29 of Infantry in Formosa State, by seven platoons of Montoneros terrorist group,
with a total of sixty troops. Sixteen terrorists died, the Army had twelve dead and the police two. Six of the dead were Army National Servicemen,
strafed by machine guns while they were unarmed and taking a bath in the showers. The terrorists escaped in a Boeing 737 seized in the local airport; the passengers were kidnapped. The airplane landed in a field of Santa Fe State, completely inadequate for it. Thanks to the pilot's skill and a lot of luck, it did not become a bigger tragedy.

08 and 9/10/75 ERP, night combat with Army patrol cars in the Tucuman jungle. The following terrorist leaders died: LN: Asdrubal Santucho and LN:
Manuel Negrín; six more were hurt. The Army had five soldiers dead and two wounded.

09/10/75 MONTONEROS, murder of one of their members, accused of being a traitor.

09/10/75 ERP, combat in the Kilometer 14 of a jungle route in Tucumán State. The dead were an Army National soldier and the terrorists Pablo
Molina and WN: "Sergio ".

10/10/75 MONTONEROS, murder of the Executive of the company BENDIX, Adolfo Hegger, in Buenos Aires.

10/10/75 ERP, San Gabriel combats in proximities of the Stream, in Acheral, Tucumán. A Company of the I Exercise with support of helicopters
from BuenosAires with a large retreat by the terrorists, which have 16 dead. A helicopter is damaged, a subofficer is killed an an officer is hurt.

16/10/75 MONTONEROS, murder of Mr. Reinaldo Dalbosco, business manager, in Buenos Aires State.

20/10/75 ERP, nocturnal combats in Fronterita River, in Tucumán State. Army Lieutenant Mr. Diego Barceló and the national soldier
Mr. Orlando Amaya died; three terrorists also fell.

21/10/75 OCPO (Communist Organization Worker's Power), murder of Mr. Ricardo Sanchez , a Trade Union Leader.

24/10/75 MONTONEROS, kidnapping of Mr. Enrique Metz, Executive Manager of the MERCEDES BENZ company ($4,000,000 dollars were paid
for rescue).

28/10/75 MONTONEROS, murder of Mr. Alberto Salas, Executive Manager of FIAT company, in Córdoba State.

10/10/76 OCPO, murder of Mr. Domingo Lozano, Executive Manager of IKA RENAULT company, in Córdoba State.

10/10/76 MONTONEROS, the armed forces discover the codes and schedules of the "street national appointments" of this secret organization, in
the main cities of the country. In two days of multiple coordinated operations in several counties, about 40 high and medium levels terrorists were
seized, some alive, others died in combat when resisting, and some killed themselves by means of cyanide pills.

This was the beginning of the final phase of the defeat of MONTONEROS; the first strategic consequence is their leaders escape to foreign

16/10/76 MONTONEROS, bombing at the office of Buenos Aires State Police Deputy Chief in La Plata City, by means of five kgs. of exogenous
with hundred of nails. This Officer, Colonel Trotz, lost an arm; Colonel Rospide and three Commissaries were also wounded.

17/10/76 MONTONEROS, bombing at the cinema of the Army Club of Buenos Aires donwtown, attended by civilians and the relatives of officers.
More than 50 people were wounded. It was made by the terrorist Numa Laplane, taking advantage of being the son of a retired General and former Army Commandant in Chief .

25/10/76 MONTONEROS, murder of Mr. Ignacio Desosi, a Peronist trade union Leader, in BuenosAires.

25/10/76 MONTONEROS, murder of Mr. Roberto A. Moyano, a company Manager Executive, in BuenosAires.

22/10/77 OCPO, murder of Mr. José M. Martínez, Manager Executive of MASSALIN AND CELASCO company.

23/10/77 MONTONEROS, murder of Mr. Ricardo Salas, manager of LOSADUR company, BuenosAires State.

26/10/77 MONTONEROS, murder of Mr. Rodolfo Matti, staff member of Buenos Aires City Municipality.

26/10/77 MONTONEROS, murder Mr. Raúl A. J. Castro Olivares, Communications Director of Buenos Aires City Municipality.

29/10/77 MONTONEROS, murder of Mr. Francisco John Schwer, Executive Manager of YPF company.

Other terrorist operations

05/10/71 FAR, assault of a private residence and stealing communications equipment and spare parts.

06/10/71 ERP, bombing at the delegation of the Federal Police in Santa Fe city.

06/10/71 ERP, bombing at the Federal Court of Justice in Santa Fe city .

08/10/71 ERP, seizure of the headquarters of the Cultural Association of Tucumán.

08/10/71 ERP, seizure of a timber factory in Buenos Aires city and robbery of weapons.

08/10/71 ERP, bombing of a private home in Santa Fe.

08/10/71 ERP, burning of a police patrol car in Santa Fe city.

08/10/71 ERP, bombing of a building for military personnel lodging, in Rosario city.

09/10/71 ERP, bombing to Fray Luis Beltrán city Police sation, in Santa Fe State.

09/10/71 ERP, bombing of the Brajkovic factory, in Fray Luis Beltrán city, Santa Fe State.

11/10/71 ERP, bombing of the ALBA PAINTS factory, in Rosario city.

11/10/71 ERP, bombing of the Molinos Río de La Plata factory (Bunge and Born Group), in Rosario city.

11/10/71 ERP, seizure of Villa Carmela's Civil Registration, Tucumán, and robbery of documents, stamps and forms, used for producing false
documents for terrorists.

12/10/71 FAR, seizure of a quarry in Juarez Celmán city, Córdoba State, and robbery of high explosives.

13/10/71 FAR, assault of the "Cooperative Pueyrredón Bank" in Córdoba city and robbery of money.

13/10/71 FAL, seizure of a radio station and emission of a revolutionary proclaims, in Córdoba city.

15/10/71 ERP, bombing to the Santa Fe city branch of PHILIPS company.

15/10/71 ERP, seizure of Post Office in Rosario city and robbery of money.

16/10/71 ERP, seizure of another Post Office in Rosario city and robbery of money.

16/10/71 ERP, seizure of a Primary School, in Bahía Blanca city, showing flags of the terrorist organization to the pupil hostages.

17/10/71 MONTONEROS, seizure of a printing enterprise with robberies of materials.

17/10/71 MONTONEROS, bombing of the home of a bank manager in Salta city.

17/10/71 FAL, seizure of a radio station and transmitting revolutionary proclamations, in Córdoba city.

18/10/71 ERP, assault of a Police Station with robbery of weapons, in Córdoba city.

18/10/71 ERP, bombing to the International Bank, in Rosario city.

18/10/71 MONTONEROS, seizure of the security guards of the Chrysler Company in Buenos Aires city, with robbery of handguns.

19/10/71 ERP, seizure of a Post Office in Buenos Aires city, with robbery of money.

19/10/71 ERP, simultaneous bombings to different buildings in Rosario city, claimed as acts of revenge for the death of the terrorist Pujals of the ERP.

19/10/71 ERP, seizure of a Civil Registration in Córdoba, with robbery of dozens of identification documents.

19/10/71 MONTONEROS, bombing of the Jockey Club of Tucumán city.

20/10/71 FAP, bombing to the country club of the Jockey Club in Córdoba city.

20/10/71 ERP, seizure of the "CID" factory in Rosario city, with robbery of weapons.

21/10/71 FAP, seizure of the National Meteorological Observatory, headquarters of Córdoba.

22/10/71 ERP, seizure of a business and robbery of around 60 wigs, to mimic the terrorists physical aspect during their operations.

23/10/71 ERP, seizure of a printing enterprise and robbery of materials, in Rosario city.

23/10/71 ERP, street mobilization in the Federal Capital, with bomb explosions in support of the terrorist in jail.

26/10/71 ERP, bombing of SIAM DETELLA factory and robbery of weapons.

27/10/71 FAR, seizure of a supermarket in Buenos Aires state and robbery of money.

28/10/71 ERP, bombing of an auto sales business, in San Lorenzo city, Santa Fe state.

30/10/71 ERP, seizure of an armory and robbery of weapons, in Rosario city.

? /10/73 groups of the presumed AAA, attack the Radical Party senator Hipólito Solari Irigoyen, a terrorists lawyer.

08/10/73 ERP, seizure of the School Number 389 of Rosario.

17/10/73 ERP, seizure of the University of Córdoba city.

18/10/73 ERP, seizure of the National School of La Plata city.

19/10/73 MONTONEROS, bombing the National School Number 2 of Rosario city.

22/10/73 ERP, seizure of the educational Institute Ricardo Palma.

30/10/73 ERP, seizure of the University of Architecture of La Plata city.

09/10/75 MONTONEROS, bombing and shooting of the home of the Academic Secretary of the LA PLATA NATIONAL UNIVERSITY.

18/10/75 ERP, the Army seized the main camp of the ERP in the Tucuman jungle, seizing arms, documentation and communications materials.

23/10/77 MONTONEROS, bombing against Mr. Trotta's home, a teacher of Economical Sciences in the Buenos Aires National University.