The Belfast Telegraph
May 24, 2002

Web of Terror: The Cuban link

                                     By Chris Thornton

                                    CUBA has emerged as a point of common interest for Basque separatists
                                    and Irish republicans.

                                    And the Caribbean country has emerged as central to American views of
                                    possible international terror links that bring ETA and the IRA together.

                                    The US State Department listed the presence of Sinn Fein's Niall Connolly in
                                    the country as one of the reasons for citing Fidel Castro's government this
                                    week as a state sponsor of terrorism.

                                    Cuba, visited by Sinn Fein president Gerry Adams last December, is one of
                                    seven countries identified as fomenting terrorism in other states.

                                    Connolly is listed in the same report as an IRA member. He is currently
                                    awaiting trial in Colombia with two other republicans, after being arrested
                                    travelling on a false passport from an area controlled by FARC guerillas.

                                    The Americans said Cuba is also harbouring 20 ETA activists and members
                                    of FARC.