Matthew Stirling
(1896-Jan. 23, 1975)

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Stirling leads the Veracruz expedition. Fording a river in Veracruz.

Head No. 4 at San Lorenzo Monument 4 at La Venta

Monument Q at Tres Zapotes Monument 7 sarcophagus and basalt columns.

His wife and co-author Marion Illig
Monument 2, La Venta
His wife and co-author Marion Illig
Head No. 1, San Lorenzo

San Lorenzo Monument No. 1
San Lorenzo Monument No. 2

Monument 10, San Lorenzo
La Venta tomb

Dr. Matthew W. Stirling Dies (N.Y. Times, Jan 25, 1975; pg. 24)
Papers of Matthew Williams Stirling
Matthew Williams Stirling (Español)