May 4, 1999
Sources: Cuban baseball pitching coach defects
All players return to Havana

                  BALTIMORE (CNN) -- A pitching coach from the 300-member Cuban
                  baseball delegation sought asylum in the United States on Tuesday, and two
                  to four other delegates are missing following their game against the Orioles in
                  Baltimore, law enforcement sources told CNN.

                  The defector, identified by the Cuban American National Foundation in
                  Miami as Rigoberto Herrera, 54, did not leave on the team plane which
                  returned to Havana early Tuesday.

                  Law enforcement sources said Herrera was currently being processed by
                  the U.S. Immigration and Naturalization Service.

                  INS spokesman Dan Kane told CNN the agency "cannot confirm or deny
                  whether anyone has applied for asylum in the United States to preserve the
                  individual's right to privacy."

                  All 30 players from Cuba's all-stars baseball team appeared on stage with
                  Cuban President Fidel Castro in Havana on Tuesday at a celebration in
                  honor of the team's 12-6 victory in Monday's rematch with the Orioles.

                  Miami-based Cuban-American sports agent Joe Cubas, who has helped
                  several Cuban baseball players defect, confirmed that he had contacts with
                  "a lot of the players" who came to Baltimore, but security was tight and the
                  Cuban players "were rushed out of there" following the game.

                  In addition to Herrera, up to four members of the Cuban delegation did not
                  board a chartered passenger jet that left Baltimore-Washington International
                  Airport early Tuesday morning for the return flight, the law enforcement
                  sources said.

                  The win by the Cuban all-stars avenged a 3-2 loss to Baltimore March 28 in
                  Havana, in a game that had made the Orioles the first Major League U.S.
                  club to play on Cuban soil in four decades.