Hipp's Point &
Alvarado's Point
Sarapiqui River
Costa Rica

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Harper's New Monthly Magazine, Dec. 1854

Frank Leslie's Illustrated Newspaper, June 21, 1856, 21
Standing on Alvarado's Point, Hipp's Point on rear left, Nicaragua on right.

Mouth of the Sarapiqui River & Hipp's Point (left) and the San Juan River, right.
Hipp's Point on the Sarapiqui River where Fort Sarapiqui stood in 1856-1857.

Sarapiqui River flowing into the San Juan River. Nicaragua shore in background.
Bungo and paddle transport on the Sarapiqui River. Hipp's Point, left background 

Nicaragua northern shore of the San Juan River occupied by filibusters in 1857.
Nicaraguan military/immigration post on eastern bend of the San Juan River.



San Juan River map pdf

Wilhelm Christian Hipp (1827-1876)