The Personal Representative of the President of the United States in Nicaragua (Stimson) to General Moncada.(1)
TIPITAPA, May 11, 1927.

DEAR GENERAL MONCADA: I am glad to learn of the authority that has been placed in you by your army to arrange for a general disarmament. I am also glad to make clear to you and to your army the attitude of the President of the United States as to this matter. In seeking to terminate this war, President Coolidge is actuated only by a desire to benefit the people of Nicaragua and to secure for them a free, fair and impartial election. He believes that not only by such free and fair elections can permanent peace be secured for Nicaragua. To assure this in 1928 he has consented to assign American officers to train and command a non-partisan national constabulary for Nicaragua which will have the duty of securing such a fair election and of preventing any fraud or intimidation of voters. He is also willing to leave in Nicaragua until after the election a sufficient force of marines to support the work of the constabulary and insure peace and freedom at the election.

As further evidence of the good faith of the American Government and of the present of Nicaraguan Government in this matter, I am glad to tell you what has already been done. I will answer the questions contained in the letter of your soldiers which you have shown me. General amnesty has already been granted by the President of Nicaragua. I have recommended to President Diaz that the Supreme Court be reconstituted by the elimination of the illegal judges placed in court under Sr. Chamorro. President Diaz has already called upon these judges for their resignations and I believe that these resignations will be retained. I have already advised that the Congress be reconstituted by holding of special elections in these Liberal districts where elections were not held in 1926 under conditions which will ensure that the Liberal voters will be amply protected in their rights. I have also recommended that the members of Congress illegally expelled by Sr. Chamorro whose terms have not yet expired be reinstated. I have been assured that this will be done.

I have recommended that the Liber Jefes Politicos be appointed in the six Liberal districts of Bluefields, Jinotega, Nueva Segovia, Esteli, Chinandega, and Leon. I have been assured that this will be done.

In short, I have recommended that steps be taken so far as possible to restore the political condition as it existed in Nicaragua before the Chamorro coup d'etat and I believe that so far as possible it will be done.

I hope these steps will assure you and your army of the fairness of the United States Government and its desire to see peace, justice and freedom re-established in Nicaragua without any unfairness or favoritism towards any party but being regardful of the rights of Liberals and Conservatives alike.

Very respectfully yours,


1. Copy transmitted to the Department by the Minister of Nicaragua as an enclosure to his dispatch No. 413, May 12, 1927; received May 24.