The Guidelines for the Organization of the Forces Defending the National Law of Nicaragua are established in the following manner:

1. The Military Institution of the Defenders of the National Law of Nicaragua is composed of Liberal Nicaraguan volunteers and Latin Americans who may wish to join our army and who are ready to defend with their blood the liberty of Nicaragua; and who for the same purpose recognize as their Supreme Commander the patriot General Augusto César Sandino, who with loyalty and sincerity, has known how to defend with complete self-denial the Nation's honor, as a legitimate Nicaraguan; and who, in that same sprit, will adapt their behavior to the highest level of discipline, subjecting themselves to and recognizing the Military Code of the Republic.

2. The Military Institution of the Defenders of the National Law of Nicaragua totally disavows every act, order or command emanating from traitor and usurper Adolfo Díaz, as well as from the invaders of the fatherland, who with enormous cynicism are trampling upon our sovereignty, because it is recognized that our country's policies should not originate in a foreign country, but should be based instead upon the most absolute national spirit.

3. The Defenders of the National Law of Nicaragua do not form a partisan faction that intends to divide the Liberal party; on the contrary, they are the heart and soul of the fatherland and of our race, and for that same reason restrict themselves to the defense of our sovereignty and maintenance of the rights of the Liberal party, rights violated by the turncoat and traitor José María Moncada, who with his unbridled ambition did not consider the grave consequences into which he fell by his cowardly acts, betraying the fatherland, his leader, and the party. In the same vein, recognizing that Nicaragua should not be the patrimony of any particular group or party, we swear before the symbol of the fatherland to die rather than to sell ourselves or to surrender to the offers of the invaders, oligarchs, and traitors who for so many years have trafficked with the Nation's honor.

4. Every fighter who at a later time takes up arms, joining the Defenders of the National Law of Nicaragua, will be obliged to notify the Supreme commander, who will provide him with the necessary formalities, choosing the zone where he will operate.

5. The department of Nueva Segovia, where Nicaguan patriotism has continued to exist, will be divided into the following four zones: Pueblo Nuevo, Somoto, Quilalí, and Ocotal. In each of these there will be a Head of Operations, who will be officially named by the Supreme Commander of the Revolution.

6. Each Head of Operations is strictly prohibited from carrying out hostile acts against the peaceful campesinos, or from taking forced loans unless authorized to do so by the Supreme Commander, and in such event he must duly verify the amounts that he employs for the provisioning of the forces under his command. Disrespect for this provision will result in a trial in conformity with the Military Code.

7. Every leader belonging to the Forces Defending the National Law of Nicaragua is strictly prohibited from entering into secret pacts with the enemy of from accepting agreements that may be harmful to the fatherland and the party. Whoever violates this provision will be judged by a Council of War.

8. The powers of the Revolution are constituted at the general encampment on the hill called El Chipote, bastion of the Defenders of the National Law of Nicaragua, which we will continue to defend with loyalty to the symbol of the fatherland and the Liberal party.

9. Every order emanating form the Supreme Commander of the Revolution will be respected with the highest spirit of discipline, and for that reason every leader belonging to the Army in Defense of the National Sovereignty of Nicaragua is obliged to obey that order and to see to it that it is obeyed with the duty that honor and patriotism.

10. The Army in Defense of the National Sovereignty of Nicaragua, made up of selfless patriots, does not receive a daily wage, since such an act would be judged by the civilized world with the most acrid censure, it being understood that every truly patriotic Nicaraguan is obliged to defend voluntarily the nation's honor; however, the Supreme Commander of the Revolution commits himself to providing everything that is indispensable to the army in the form of equipment and clothing.

11. Every official communication originating from the General Headquarters, or from the leaders and officers, will carry subscribed at the end the words Patria y Libertad, which will be recognized as official throughout the Army.

12. The Army in Defense of the National Sovereignty of Nicaragua is in active communication with the other Indo-Hispanic nations of the continent and for this purpose has already named its representatives who are working for the benefit our cause, in order that our triumph may become a fact, filling with glory those who, setting aside every personal ambition, will know how to accept the sacrifice that the defense of our country's honor demands.

13. The military ranks granted by the General Command will be recognized after the victory of our cause, and each interested individual will receive his corresponding commission.

14. The Supreme Commander of the Revolution swears before the fatherland and the Army in Defense of the National Sovereignty of Nicaragua that he has no political compromises with anyone, and that for that reason his acts correspond to the highest patriotism, and he will assume the responsibility for them before the fatherland and before history, and, the virtue of what is stated above, we, all the leaders and officers, ratify and sign this.

El Chipote, Nicaragua, Central America, on the second day of the month of September, nineteen hundred and twenty-seven

Patria y Liberad

Here all the signatures headed by that of the Supreme Commander of the Revolution, General Augusto César Sandino