Letter to H. J. Amphlett
April 29, 1928
La Luz, April 29, 1928

H. J. Amphlett
Manager of La Luz Mine

I have the honor to inform you that on this day your mine has been reduced to ashes by disposition of this command to make more tangible our protest against the warlike invasion that your Government has made in our territory without any right other than that of brute force.

As long as the Government of the United States of America does not order retirement of its pirates from our territory there will be no guarantee in this country for North Americans residing in Nicaragua.

In the beginning I was confident that the people in North America would not be in accord with the abuses committed in Nicaragua by the Government of Mr. Calvin Coolidge, bit I am now convinced that North Americans in general uphold the attitude of Coolidge in my country; and it is for this reason that all that is North American that falls into your hands assuredly will have come to its end.

The losses which you have sustained in the aforementioned mine you may collect from the Government of the United States and Mr. Calvin Coolidge, who is truly responsible for the horrible and disastrous situation through which Nicaragua is passing at present.

The pretext advanced by Mr. Coolidge for his intervention in Nicaragua is to protect life and property of North Americans and other foreigners resident in this country, which is tremendous hypocrisy. We Nicaraguans are respectable men, and never in our history have there been registered such happenings as have presently occurred. And that is the harvest reaped by the insensate policy of your government in our country.

The most honorable resolution which your Government should adopt in the conflict with Nicaragua is to retire its forces from our territory, thus permitting us, the Nicaraguans, to elect our national Government, which is the only means of pacifying our country.

With your Government rests the conservation of good or bad friendship with our Government, and you the capitalists, will be appreciated and respected by us according as you treat us as equals and not in the mistaken manner which now obtains, believing yourselves lords and masters of our lives and property.