October 20, 1931
We have come to realize that we do not have at our disposal one single Indo-Hispanic government, much less any other nation of the globe. Nicaragua is directly and solely represented by our army and thus left to its own efforts and resources. For this reason orders have been circulated among our expeditionary columns that they may collect from nationals and foreigners everything essential for their maintenance. Many times there ve been cases when, with the arrival of one of our columns at some hacienda or farm in national territory, the merchandise and provisions existing in the place were taken, and there are even cases when our soldiers take shoes and clothing from the proletariat because our brother soldiers need them more than they do, and because it isn't right that the men who are establishing the freedom of Nicaragua should go about in rags. It is because of this that many miserable people have called us "bandits," but history will see to it that justice is done to us, especially if it is remembered that the capitalist despoilers are the ones mainly and directly responsible for everything that has been happening in Nicaragua, because they brought the Yankee mercenaries to the national territory.

Avoid fires at all cost. There is no need to leave ruins behind. It would be enough if the men took screwdrivers along to unscrew doors and windows, and then burnt them along with the household equipment that must be destroyed as punishment and in order to spread terror.

This procedure is very practical and effective, and it would be good if you instilled it in your subordinates. Burned houses remain behind as a kind of accusation. Houses without doors provoke smiles, and the punishment remains visible to all.