Southern Reconstruction
Thomas Nast cartoons

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"The Emancipation of the Negroes, January, 1863—The Past and the Future," Harper's Weekly, Jan. 24, 1863


Pardon: Shall I trust these men
Harper's Weekly, Aug. 5, 1865
Franchise: And not this man?
Harper's Weekly, Aug. 5, 1865

 Grand Masquerade Ball, April 14, 1866
Johnson's Reconstruction, Sept. 1, 1866

The Tearful Convention, Sept. 29, 1866
Jan. 12, 1867

"We Accept the Situation," April 13, 1867
"Would You Marry Your Daughter to a Nigger?" July 11, 1868

"One vote less," Aug. 8, 1868
This is a white man's govt., Sept. 5, 1868

The Modern Samson, Oct. 3, 1868
"Patience on a Monument," Oct. 10, 1868

Colored Rule is a Reconstructed State, March 14, 1874
The Commandments in South Carolina, Sept. 26, 1874

The Union as it was. The lost cause, worse than slavery. Oct. 24, 1874


Civil Rights Bill, April 24, 1875

Hamburg, S.C., race riot, July 1876
"Is this a republican form of govt?" Sept. 2, 1876


"Of course he wants to vote the Democratic ticket." Oct. 21, 1876

"He wants a change too" Harpers Weekly, Oct. 28, 1876
"The Ignorant Vote" Harpers Weekly, Dec. 9, 1876

"Compromise--Indeed!" Harpers Weekly, Jan. 27, 1877
"A truce--not a compromise" Harpers Weekly, Feb. 17, 1877

"The Color Line is Broken" Harpers Weekly, Dec. 8, 1877

The color line still exists, Harpers Weekly, Jan. 18, 1879
"Waiting," Harpers Weekly, March 29, 1879

Paine, Albert Bigelow. Thomas Nast: His Period and His Pictures (1904)
Thomas Nast cartoons
Emancipation and Denigration: Thomas Nast Pictures Black America
Political cartoonist Thomas Nast depicts his thoughts of racism in America during the Reconstruction era.
A Note On The Word "Nigger"