The Miami Herald
December 21, 2001

Murder trial of Puerto Rican union organizer can proceed

 SAN JUAN, Puerto Rico -- (AP) -- A union organizer charged with killing the president of Puerto Rico's Teamsters' union waived his right to a preliminary hearing Thursday, clearing the way for his trial.

 After Juan Marcos Negrón Ayala, 46, refused the hearing on whether there is just cause for a trial, the Puerto Rican Superior Court judge set his trial date for Jan. 28. Negrón Ayala, who has not entered a plea, is charged with first-degree murder in last month's killing of Noel Colón González.

 Colón died after being shot with a pistol three times at the union's San Juan office. Colón had just handed Negrón Ayala a dismissal letter.

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