December 2, 2001

Puerto Rican Sept. 11 victim buried

BAYAMON, Puerto Rico (AP) --Friends and family of a U.S. Army accountant
killed in the September 11 attacks on the Pentagon gathered Sunday under cloudy
skies to bury the remains of Diana Borrero.

Borrero, 55, and her husband, Jose Padro, left the U.S. Caribbean territory of Puerto
Rico in 1975 to pursue military careers. Borrero was a soldier for seven years until
1982, when she began working as a civilian for the Department of Defense.

"We liked military life and were seeking new horizons," Padro said. "This is not what
I expected."

Borrero, mother of two grown sons, was buried with military honors. The funeral in
the San Juan suburb of Bayamon was attended by Army officials, co-workers and
other friends and family.

Padro, also retired from the military, worked in the central offices of the Coast
Guard. He recalled the shock he felt on September 11, when the hijacked
commercial jetliner slammed into the Pentagon, killing his wife and nearly 200
others. Two other jets slammed into the World Trade Center in New York.

"I didn't want to believe it," Padro said. "As the day passed, I kept calling and I
realized that no one was answering in her office and she hadn't arrived home. That's
when I became alarmed."

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