May 29, 1999

Five killed as police, Shining Path rebels clash in Peru

                  LIMA, Peru (AP) -- Five people were killed and three injured when police
                  fought a gun battle with a column of Maoist Shining Path rebels in jungle
                  town in northern Peru, police said.

                  The rebels attacked the Banco de la Nacion bank in Uchiza, 255 miles
                  northeast of Lima, on Friday but were repelled by police, officials said.

                  The gunfire hit a line of people waiting outside the bank to withdraw their
                  pay checks, said Antonio Galan, the operator of Uchiza's community

                  A rebel, a policeman, two teenage students and a teacher died in the attack,
                  police said.

                  Shining Path rebels last week shot and beheaded four civil militiamen and
                  kidnapped the militia's leader in the district of Tintay in the department of
                  Huancavelica, 170 miles east of Lima.

                  Peru's war against leftist insurgents has left 30,000 dead since 1980.
                  Although rebel activity fell sharply in 1992 following the capture of top rebel
                  leaders, guerrilla columns continue to operate in remote parts of Peru's

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