The Miami Herald
Sep. 06, 2002

Police arrest Shining Path leader

  From Herald Wire Services

  LIMA - Police have arrested the leader and two members of an urban cell of the Shining Path, which has been accused of masterminding a car-bombing
  that killed 10 Peruvians near the U.S. Embassy three days before President Bush visited in March, officials said Thursday.

  Gen. Marco Miyashiro, the head of Peru's counterterrorism police, identified Wilbert Elki Meza Majino, 31, as the leader of the Lima-based cell and
  Giovanna Anaya, 23, and Pilar Sulema, 27, as key lieutenants. The three were arrested Aug. 22, he said.

  Three other people accused of carrying out the car bombing were arrested in May. The attack raised concerns that the largely defeated Shining Path was
  plotting a comeback.

  The Shining Path launched its campaign to overthrow the government and install a communist state in 1980. The group frequently used car bombings,
  sabotage and assassinations, although violence dropped off significantly following the arrest of its founder in 1992.