Associated Press
August 31, 2001

Eight years added to Noriega's sentence

                                      PANAMA CITY, Panama -- (AP) -- A judge has convicted
                                      ex-dictator Manuel Noriega of corruption, adding eight more
                                      years to the 90 he already has been sentenced to for
                                      homicide, illegal enrichment and drug trafficking.

                                      The latest sentence, reported in local media Thursday, was
                                      the result of an anticorruption investigation that found that
                                      Noriega had mismanaged $1.5 million from the state-run
                                      agriculture and livestock bank.

                                      The judge also slapped a $20,000 fine on Noriega, the
                                      reports said.

                                      Noriega, deposed in a 1989 U.S. invasion, is now serving a
                                      30-year sentence in Miami on drug-trafficking charges.

                                      The former strongman also was sentenced to 60 years in
                                      Panama on homicide, illegal enrichment and drug trafficking