April 7, 2000

Ex-Contra killed, 3 hurt in Nicaragua protests

                   MANAGUA, Nicaragua (Reuters) -- A former Contra rebel was killed by police
                   Thursday and at least three people were injured in protests by former
                   combatants from both sides of Nicaragua's civil war, the National
                   Police said.

                   "Different groups, for different motives or reasons, have been putting up roadblocks,"
                   Commissioner Carlos Bendana told reporters. "Regrettably, we have one death."

                   Rafael Urbina, a former member of the CIA-backed Nicaragua Contra rebel force
                   that challenged the Sandinista government of the 1980s, was shot to death by
                   police after he fired into a group of officers with a Soviet-made AK-47, officials
                   and news reports said.

                   At least three others, including a police officer, were injured in clashes in
                   Sebaco, an agricultural region about 62 miles north of Managua, and elsewhere,
                   police said.

                   Radio reports said protesters were demanding legal title to lands promised them
                   by the government.