The Miami Herald
September 6, 1999

Two dangerous criminals captured in Nicaragua

 Managua, Sep 5 --(EFE)-- Two former members of the anti-Sandinista Nicaraguan
 Resistance group, which operated during the 1980's, and leaders of gangs which
 committed serious crimes in northern Nicaragua were captured by the police, the
 police reported Sunday.

 The criminal known as ``Hitler,'' who led a group of killers and kidnappers in the
 municipalities of Tuma, La Dalia and Rancho Grande, 190 kilometers (115 miles)
 north of Managua, was arrested on August 31.

 Matagalpa Police Commissioner Evenor Gutierrez announced ``Hitler's'' arrest,
 without disclosing his true name.

 He added that ``Hitler'' had trained and armed Modesto Perez Blandon, who on
 Aug. 18 assassinated conservative legislator Jose Cuadra and his associates
 Julio Ruiz Morales and Celino Lazo.

 Moreover, army and police troops captured Gilberto Antonio ``Guapotillo'' Lopez
 Pastrana, also a former member of the Nicaraguan Resistance, who is accused of
 murdering one youth, injuring another, and also of kidnapping and rape.

 ``Guapotillo'' lost three members of his band during a shootout with army troops,
 while another three deserted and surrendered to the authorities.