February 19, 2002

Singer Shakira: 'Dying to have a baby'

                 MEXICO CITY (AP) -- Colombian singer Shakira says she's dying to have a
                 baby and would like to marry her boyfriend, the son of former Argentine
                 President Fernando de la Rua.

                 During a visit to Mexico to promote her first English album, "Laundry Service",
                 Shakira said she and her boyfriend, Antonio de la Rua, would like to fulfill their
                 dream of getting married. But the couple haven't picked a date.

                 She said she has watched the Argentine economic crisis that brought down
                 Fernando de la Rua's presidency, and sympathized with her boyfriend's family.

                 "It has been difficult ... very difficult for them, and for me because I have been a
                 witness to the pain it has caused them," she said. "I'm close to the family and see
                 with my own eyes how it af fects them."

                 She said Antonio is the only man in her life.

                 "We have worked on our relationship a lot, and without a doubt we are a mature
                 couple," she said. "If we weren't, we would not survive."

                 She told reporters she'd love to have a baby, either a little Shakira or a little Antonio.

                 "The truth is I'm dying (to have a baby) but right now my baby is called Laundry
                 Service," she said.

                 She added that Antonio's parents would like their grandchildren to have a young

                 "They aren't young parents, and they are getting on in years," she said. "I think they
                 would like to see it happen, and I would like to fulfill their wish."

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