Sylvanus Griswold Morley
(June 7, 1883-Sept. 2, 1948)

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Morley at Copan in 1912 With Earl H. Morris at Chichen Itza


Morley (3d from right) and Carnegie staff, Chichen Itza, 1924 Morley (center) and Carnegie staff, Chichen Itza, 1924



Pantaleon stela at Cotzumalhuapa


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Passport, Feb. 7, 1910
Certificate of Registration of American Citizen, Progreso, Mexico, May 2, 1913
Passport, Jan. 30, 1915
Passport, July 27, 1922
Morley's Diary, 1932
World War II draft registration, 1942
Obituary by J. Eric S. Thompson
Sylvanus Morley (Wikipedia)