The Miami Herald
May 25, 2001

Leader's photo gets new look

 MEXICO CITY -- (AP) -- For decades, the official photo of the Mexican president that adorned federal offices was almost unchanged: a somber man sitting with the presidential sash draped over his suit.

 But after Vicente Fox unseated the party that had ruled for 71 years, he decided to shake things up.

 One of his first breaks with tradition was his photo.

 Seated in shirt sleeves, Fox is shown surrounded by dozens of people meant to be representative of the entire nation of Mexico.

 There are firefighters, musicians, soccer players, Indian peasants, children and people in wheelchairs.

 "With the intention of making changes in government, we also changed the image in the photo,'' Fox's image coordinator, Francisco Ortiz, said Thursday.

 Ortiz said a framed copy of the photo was sent to each secretariat, and that 10,000 posters were sent to federal offices around the country.