The Miami Herald
February 8, 2000
PAN challenger went to Harvard
He vows an end to monopolies


 MEXICO CITY -- Vicente Fox, 57, candidate for the center-right National Action
 Party (PAN), studied business administration at the Universidad Iberoamericana
 in Mexico City and did post-graduate studies at Harvard University. He was
 president of Coca-Cola in Mexico, was elected congressman in 1988, and
 governor of Guanajuato state in 1995. He is divorced, and the father of four
 adopted children, who live with him. Main points of his with The Herald last week:

 His political platform: ``The PRI offers a monopoly of power, whereas we offer
 power sharing. They offer presidentialism, while we offer federalism and
 decentralization. They offer a make-believe democracy, while we offer a real

 Economic issues: ``We have to bring an end to monopolies, like the monopolies
 we have in telecommunications, in the unions, in [the state-run oil company]
 Pemex and in the electricity industry.''

 Privatizing Pemex: ``I'm not an [all-out] `privatizer.' We don't need to privatize
 Pemex to meet our economic program of 7 percent annual growth. . . . On the
 other hand, we can't have issues that are taboo, or untouchable. If there are
 political conditions to do so, I would propose to the people of Mexico the
 alternative of opening up Pemex and placing a minority of its stock in the public

 Education: ``We will double the education budget. To do it, we will take money
 from a fiscal reform that will among other things free funds from Pemex and use
 them for funding education, science and technology. And we will cut by 30
 percent what the government spends in bureaucracy, give-aways and corruption.''

 The North American Free Trade Agreement: ``We have to insist on asking the
 United States for the free passage of people along the border.''

 Foreign policy: ``We do not believe in Mexico's policy of blind nonintervention. . . .
 When there are cases of human rights violations or genocide, I think Mexico must
 denounce these cases.''

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