The Miami Herald
May. 04, 2002

Fox becomes first Mexican president to disclose income

MEXICO CITY - (AP) -- President Vicente Fox released details about his annual income of nearly $430,000, becoming the first Mexican leader publicly to declare his salary and investments.

  Fox released copies of his financial disclosure form late Thursday and published it on his website, then called on other public officials to do the same.

  Several state and local leaders, including Mexico City Mayor Andrés Manuel López Obrador, have already released their own income statements.

  The move is part of Fox's call for a more open government and falls under a new law that requires all federal employees to file similar statements this month.

  Past Mexican leaders have been accused of using their six-year term to steal from government coffers or gain business advantages.

  Fox, who ended 71 years of single-party rule in Mexico when he took office in December 2000, pushed for a freedom of information law that Mexico's Congress approved on Tuesday, and he has published documents detailing his administration's expenditures.

  In the statement released Thursday, Fox reported a salary of $160,120 as president last year.

  He also was paid $10,720 in royalties from his book To Los Pinos, the name of the presidential residence, and $259,390 from businesses and other investments.

  Fox and his wife, Martha Sahagun, list three houses -- one in Mexico City, one in Fox's hometown of San Francisco del Rincon and one in Celaya. They also reported several properties, two cars and one motorcycle, and value their home and other properties at a total of $409,830.

  Fox listed a checking account of $96,880, while Sahagun listed checking and savings accounts totaling $219,100.