Drug Trafficking
in Mexico

Benjamin Arellano Felix

Drug Gangs Devastate Indian Villages in Baja California
Drug Inquiry Into a Governor Tests Mexico's New Politics
Elite Mexican Drug Officers Said to Be Tied to Traffickers
Mexican Drug Lord Found Slain
Mexico criticizes U.S. for not nabbing drug lords
Mexico Jails 2 Drug Agents, and U.S. Officials See Graft
Mexico Probing Anti-Drug Troops
Mexico won't back off refusal to let U.S. agents carry guns
Salinas Brother Is Tied by Swiss to Drug Trade
U.S. agencies point fingers over tunnel from Mexico
U.S. busts Mexican bankers for laundering drug money
U.S. Plan to Help Mexican Military Fight Drugs Is Faltering

Cocaine Doesn't Just Transit: Some of It Seeps
D.E.A. Chief Warns Senate on Traffickers in Mexico
F.B.I.-Mexican Inquiry Into Abduction Led From Bar to Graveyard
Former Mexican Deputy Attorney General Indicted for Drug Trafficking
Front lines of Mexican drug war a danger zone
Head to Head in Mexico: D.E.A. Agents and Suspects
Mexico Announces 'Total War' on Narcotics
Mexico's Former Drug Chief, Indicted in U.S., Found Dead
Mexico's Troubadors Turn From Amor to Drugs
Murders in Mexico
Top Mexican Off-Limits to U.S. Drug Agents
Two Banks to Plead Guilty in Money Laundering Case
U.S. Brushed Aside Mexican Role, Ex-Drug Chief Says
U.S. Is Brushing Off Mexico's Drug Data

Former Mexican state police chief sentenced for drug flight
McCaffrey Voices Confidence in Mexico's Anti-Drug Efforts
A Mexican Official's Account of His Back-Door Escape
Mexican Gang Is Still on Loose Despite Search
Mexico Gives Itself High Marks for Last Year's Anti-Drug Effort
Mexico Imprisons Two Generals, Longtime Suspects in Drug Cases
Mexico Suicide and a Secret Cache
Mexico Ties a Mass Grave to Abduction and Cocaine
Mexico's drug certification on the line
Mexico wary of new U.S. drug law
Narco Tentacles
U.S. and Mexico Are at Odds Over Truth About Lie Tests
U.S. arrests 50 in Mexican drug ring probe

Big Smuggler of Cocaine Is Arrested, Mexico Says
Colombia, Mexico Link Drug Efforts
Death of a Mexican Village
Drug Lord in Jail Break
Former Mexican governor arrested on drug charges
Heroin traffic indicates Mexican cartels expanding
Mexican drug killings spread
Mexican Drug Lords Seeking New Cartel
Mexican drug lords unite, plot new course, insiders say
Mexican Judges' Climate of Fear
Mexicans, Russian mob new partners in crime
Mexico Agrees to Extradite Drug Suspect to California
Mexico arrests police, ex-soldiers in drug raids
Mexico Says Drug Lord Arrested
Mexico's Image Is Buffed and Tarnished With Military Drug Arrests
Mexico's New Anti-Drug Team Wins the Trust of U.S. Officials
Police, Ex-Soldiers Arrested in Mexico For Ties to Drug Lord
71 officials under house arrest for drug smuggler's escape
Suspected drug kingpin surrenders in U.S.
Terrorism Fight Hurts Drug War
U.S. Drug Indictment Chronicles King of Cancún's Fall

Assault on Drugs
Big Victories for Mexico Against Drug Cartels
Deadly Messages to Mexico
Drug Kingpin Is Captured by Mexicans
Drug lord's arrest may spark deadly turf wars at border
Drug Suspects Are Arrested, Attesting to a Changing Mexico
Drugs Worth 'Billions' Moved Through Tunnel
A Glimpse Into a Recess of International Finance
Key Mexican drug trafficking suspect arrested
Mexican Drug Lord's Arrest Helps Fox as He Awaits Bush
Mexican Generals Found Guilty in Major Drug Case
Mexican Police Linked to Tijuana Cartel
Mexican Tests Confirm Dead Man Was Drug Figure
Mexicans Arrest 25 to Stop Ring That Worked for Drug Cartels
Mexico Arrests Drug Boss
Mexico Arrests a Key Figure in Drug Cartel
Mexico Investigates Reported Killing of Drug Lord
Mexico Releases All but 9 Officials Arrested in a Crackdown
Mexico seeing rise in drug use
Mexico's New Drug Policy Focuses on Small Picture
New Web of Trust Topples a Mighty Mexican Cartel
The Bloodstain's Secret: Is Cartel Enforcer Dead?
Study: Poppy thrives in Mexico
U.S. Called the Loser in War on Drugs
U.S. Places Mexican Resort Off-Limits
US, Mexico finally drug-war allies

Citing Corruption, Mexico Shuts Drug Unit
Mexican Drug Agent Crossed the Line Once Too Often
9 Linked to Drug War Found Slain Outside Mexican Border City
U.S-Mexico anti-drug efforts praised


11 Bodies Dug Up Near U.S.-Mexico Border
Massacre Still Casts Its Shadow in Mexico
Mexican Police Held in Killings
13 Mexican officers held in slayings
Inquiry indicates police, drug ties
Sources: U.S. informant oversaw killings
Informant's role in Mexico deaths stirs ire
Mexican governor fires all of state's police officers
Cartel boss may be most vicious drug kingpin yet
Cartels offer bounties on top prosecutors
The Gifts of a Mexican Drug Lord
Betrayal on the Mexican Border
2 drug cartels said to be banding together
Mexico Arrests Leading Suspect in Drug Cartel
Drug chief, 7 others, killed in gunbattles
Exclusive: U.S. informant planned cartel hits, report says
Nine killed execution-style near Cancun
Drug 'cartelitos' hit Mexico resorts

Mexico's Drug Cartels Wage Fierce Battle for Their Turf
Sleepy Mexican Border Towns Awake to Drug Violence
Mexico beefs up border patrols
Mexico Arrests Wanted Figure in Drug Cartel
Mexico Says Drug Cartel Had Spy in President's Office
Drug fighters switch sides, aid traffickers


Mexican navy sailors ride on top of a seized drug smuggling submarine as it was being
towed by a navy ship off the coast of the Pacific resort city of Huatulco, Mexico.

Drug War Causes Wild West Blood Bath, Killing 210 in a Mexican Border Town
Mexico faces new drug challenge: mini-submarines
Mexico police arrest 8 digging tunnel to U.S. border

Two Sides of a Border: One Violent, One Peaceful