The President of the Mexican Republic to the troops engaged in

the Army of the United States of America.

The circumstances of war have brought you to the beautiful valley of Mexico; in the midst of a wealthy and fertile country. The American Governement [sic] engaged you to fight against a country from which you have received no harm; your companions have after the battle received and shall only receive the contempt of the United States and the scorn of the nations of civilized Europe that, quite surprized, [sic] see that that governement [sic] seek engagements for their battles in the same manner as they look for beasts to draw their carriages.

In the name of the Nation I represent, and whose authority I exercise, I offer you a reward, if deserting the American standard you present yourselves like friends to a nation that offer you rich fields and large tracts of land, which being cultivated by your industry, shall crown you with happiness and convenience.

The Mexican Nation only look upon you as some deceived foreigners and hereby stretch out to you a friendly hand, offer you the felicity and fertility of their territory. Here there is no distinction of races; here indeed there is liberty and no slavery; nature here plentifully sheds its favors and it is in your power to enjoy them. Rely upon what I offer you in the name of a nation; present yourselves like friends and you shall have country, home, lands; the happiness, which is enjoyed in a country of mild and humane customs; civilization, humanity and not fear address you through me.

General Quarters in the Peñon August the 15th 1847.

Antonio Lopez de Santa-Anna