José Martí

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16-year-old political
prisoner, chained from
waist to ankle.
Son José Francisco Martí Zayas-
Bazán born Nov. 22, 1878 in Havana.

 Son's birth certificate.
Daughter's birth certificate.

Holding daughter Maria
very closely. Bloom Stead
Cottage, South Beach,
Brooklyn, 1893.
Daughter, María Mantilla, her
husband César Julio Romero
and their son, actor César Romero, in 1930.
              Jose Marti Zayas-Bazan



Travels of Jose Marti Zayas-Bazan
Attended Paddie Institute, Highstown, N.J., 1898
Passenger, Havana to New York, S.S. Havana, May 3, 1908
Passenger, Cherbourg, France, to New York, S.S. Kaiser Wilhelm der Grosse, Nov. 4, 1908
Passenger, Havana to Key West, S.S. Olivette, April 28, 1917
Passenger, Southampton, England, to New York, S.S. Olympic, Nov. 21, 1923
Passenger, Havana to New York, S.S. American Oriente, Aug. 20, 1939
Passenger, Havana to New York, S.S. Oriente, Sept. 4, 1940

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