The American Civil War
Libby Prison, Richmond

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"A Future Brigadier" "Our Mess"

20th Street (wide in foreground) and Carey Street 
Libby Prison, Richmond, Va.

Prison guard tents
Dock Street (wide in foreground) and 20th Street 

LIBBY LIFE: Experiences of A Prisoner of War in Richmond, VA, 1863-64
Prison Diary of Michael Dougherty
Prison Diary of Charles Milford Gross
Prison Letters of James Love
FRESH FISH: A Personal Experience At Libby Prison (Lt. Eli Holden)
Capt. Nasthaniel Rollins letter to Sen. Timothy O. Howe (Jan. 26, 1865)
Prison Life in the South. Allen O. Abbott (1865)
"The First Night in Libby" (Capt. Asa N. Hays), The Magazine of History, April 1914.
Libby Prison
Roll of Prisoners of War Paroled at Richmond, March 7, 1864
The California Teacher (Oct. 1864)
The United States Service Magazine, July 1864