The Miami Herald
July 15, 2004

Bilingual education program wins approval

A proposal to develop a public-awareness campaign pushing the benefits of a bilingual education was unanimously approved by the Miami-Dade County School Board on Wednesday.

''This may be a divided board about some things, but not about bilingual education,'' board member Marta Pérez said during a debate on the proposal. ``Bilingual education is one of the jewels on the crown.''

The board gave permission for the district to seek corporate partners to fund the campaign, which will include advertisements in print, on the radio and on television. It also approved appropriating $3,000 in seed money.

Speaking in support of the proposal, Dabney ''Bud'' Park, former director of the Greater Miami Chamber of Commerce's education task force, said ``any effort to build a global Miami is going to require students achieving a second language.''