November 16, 2001

Jamaican prime minister recovers after collapse

                 By Fitzroy Pendergast
                 Special to CNN

                 KINGSTON, Jamaica (CNN) -- Prime Minister P.J. Patterson is resting at his
                 home Friday after he collapsed at a political function in Greater Portmore on
                 Thursday night.

                 "There are no medical problems that we should be scared about," Patterson's
                 spokesman, Colin Campbell, told CNN.

                 Patterson was released Friday from University Hospital and is being treated by
                 doctors at his home, Campbell said.

                 Percival James Patterson, 66, has led Jamaica as prime minister since 1992 and
                 experiences widespread popularity in his country. However, his People's National
                 Party has recently lost a lot of ground.

                 Many Jamaicans blame the PNP for instigating three days of violence in July that
                 left 27 people dead in an area of Kingston that is a stronghold for the opposition
                 Jamaica Labour Party.

                 Patterson is seen as the PNP's greatest drawing card and his tireless campaign
                 efforts for re-election in May 2002 have led to a recent upswing in support for the
                 party, although it is still behind in the polls.