The Miami Herald
July 1, 2001

Gang fighting spreads in Jamaica

 KINGSTON, Jamaica -- (AP) -- Gunfire rang out in the streets of Kingston on Saturday, despite efforts of the Jamaican police and military to quell spreading violence between gangs with clashing political loyalties.

 It was not clear if the gunfire heard in the neighborhood of Wilton Gardens was an exchange between rival gangs or between security forces and gang members.

 No injuries were immediately reported, but in the last week a gang feud has left an estimated seven people dead in the community, a police official said on condition of anonymity.

 Two gangs are fighting over control of Wilton Gardens, and on Friday the police imposed a nighttime curfew in the neighborhood in an attempt to clamp down on the violence.

 The Lock City Crew supports the opposition Jamaican Labor Party, while the Action Pack Gang are partisans of the ruling People's National Party.

 Gang fighting in Kingston between two other neighborhoods -- which are also politically divided -- has left an estimated 30 people dead in the last two months, according to local residents.

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