December 4, 2001

Jamaica to spend $25 million for HIV

                 KINGSTON, Jamaica (AP) -- Jamaica's government plans to spend Jamaican
                 $1.2 billion ($25 million) on treating HIV and AIDS patients and educating
                 the public and health workers about the disease.

                 The money is to be spent beginning early next year through the next five years,
                 Information Minister Colin Campbell announced Monday.

                 It will help the national HIV/AIDS program treat more patients and provide more
                 training for health workers. Some also would go toward public awareness and
                 prevention campaigns, Campbell said.

                 A World Bank loan will provide Jamaican $702 million ($15 million), and the rest
                 will come from the government and the United Nations global AIDS fund.

                 As many as 15,000 people in Jamaica, a country of 2.6 million, have HIV or AIDS,
                 the Ministry of Health reported last week.

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