The Miami Herald
February 5, 2001

Colombians push for immigration reprieve

 Leaders of Colombian communities in Florida plan to launch a new drive aimed at
 convincing President Bush to grant undocumented Colombian immigrants in the
 United States temporary residence and working papers.

 The start of the campaign will be Tuesday morning with a news conference in
 which leaders of several Colombian groups in Miami-Dade County and the state
 will endorse the common goal of convincing the Bush administration to grant
 Colombians an immigration condition known as Temporary Protected Status, or

 TPS allows citizens of countries in crisis who have overstayed their visas to
 remain legally in the United States.

 According to a joint statement from the groups, TPS would benefit up to 85,000
 Colombians who now lack proper work and residence papers and consider
 themselves refugees from their country's ongoing political violence.

 A similar pro-TPS campaign last year failed to persuade the Clinton
 administration to grant it to Colombian immigrants despite an endorsement from
 the Colombian government itself.