August 20, 2002

Four bodies found in southern Arizona desert

                 TUCSON, Arizona (AP) -- U.S. Border Patrol officials have recovered four
                 bodies in the desert west of Tucson.

                 The recovery brings the death toll of illegal border crossers from Mexico to at least
                 120 for the Tucson Sector this year, according to law enforcement, Mexican
                 Consulate and Border Patrol reports. The Tucson Sector includes all of Arizona
                 except Yuma.

                 The body of a woman from Zacatecas, Mexico, was found Saturday. The same
                 day, a Border Patrol helicopter pilot spotted a man's badly decomposed body.

                 On Sunday, the bodies of two men were discovered. One man was believed to have
                 been dead for up to a week.

                 The names of the deceased were not released.

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