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Immigrants fear losing right to stay in U.S.
Few Mexican expats register to vote
Mexicans send record amount to homeland
Tight Immigration Policy Hits Roadblock of Reality
Fort Myers man charged in sex slave trade
Tunnel found under Nogales
Employers of Illegal Workers in a Catch-22
Immigration bill proposes in-state tuition for illegals
An Immigration Debate Framed by Family Ties
A Border War
‘We Want to Stay Here’
20,000 protest
Miami's unique status affects level of support
For Immigrants and Business, Rift on Protests
Many firms in need of cheap labor use undocumented workers to recruit friends, family from Mexico
Author raises awareness about obstacles migrants, immigrants face
U.S.-Mexico border crossings become more perilous
Judge Says Immigrant Child Can Stay
Immigrants Prepare for Next Step
Seeking to aid immigrants
Fear of retaliation trumps pain
2 border agents get 6 years for taking $200,000 in bribes
City's immigration law turns back clock
Democrats' win spurs hope of immigration revamp
50% of Hispanics backed English measure
Hispanics said 'adiós' to Republican Party
American boy, 7, fighting for mom: End the deportations
Three Sisters

At the U.S. Border, the Desert Takes a Rising Toll
U.S. Set for a Crackdown on Illegal Hiring


A meeting at a border fence near Tijuana.

     Men caught crossing the Mexican border in a
     holding cell in Nogales, Arizona.

Anti-illegal immigration groups grow in Florida
Illegal immigrants often die anonymously
Arizona slams door on illegal immigrants
Immigration, Outsourced
Suits over U.S. citizenship backlogs spike
Many Visas Are Sought for Skilled Immigrants
Power to Build Border Fence Is Above U.S. Law
Legal Immigrants, Until They Sought Citizenship
Immigration, Off the Books
Fight over border fence environmental waivers could reach Supreme Court
Mexico police rescue 83 migrants from sweltering cargo truck
Immigration, Off the Books (N.Y. Times editorial)
Mexican security and railway damage slow flow of illegal immigrants from Central America to U.S.
Cuban reggaeton star missing at sea was lured to Florida by promise of money, friends say
Pope Speaks Up for Immigrants, Touching a Nerve
On the border with Michael Chertoff
Refugees fill jobs in Cactus, Texas, after immigration sweep
Migrants cost border counties $192M