March 19, 2000
Honduran soccer game ends in violence

                   SAN PEDRO SULA, Honduras (AP) -- A soccer player was knocked
                   unconscious by a rock, and frenzied fans smashed the windows of cars and
                   stores in this northern city after their team began to lose.

                   The game was suspended and at least 50 people received minor injuries.

                   The violence broke out Saturday night after the Olimpia team from the
                   capital, Tegucigalpa, scored a goal against the local Real Espana team during
                   the second game of an important tournament.

                   A rock thrown from the stands hit Olimpia defensive player Elmer Marin in
                   the face, briefly knocking him unconscious. He was treated by the Red
                   Cross and brought to a local hospital, where he was recuperating.

                   Officials then suspended the game after 28 minutes of play, and shut off the
                   stadium lights to calm down the crowds. The teams will finish the game at an
                   undetermined date in a stadium closed to spectators.

                   Angry fans among the 15,000 spectators who attended the game at
                   Morazan stadium in San Pedro Sula destroyed about 20 cars parked
                   outside and smashed the windows of shops and businesses in the area.

                   The two teams left the stadium under police escort while more than 100
                   anti-riot police fired shots into the air to disperse the unruly crowed, which
                   also threw sticks and bottles.

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