Granma International
August 13, 2001

Former president of Honduras believes relations will develop

                   CARLOS Roberto Reina, former president of Honduras, is currently
                   undertaking a weeklong trip to the island at the invitation of the
                   Central Committee of the Communist Party of Cuba (PCC).

                   The former head of the Central American state expressed his
                   conviction that in the future links between Honduras and Cuba will
                   include the reestablishment of diplomatic relations, broken off by
                   Tegucigalpa 40 years ago, reported AIN.

                   "Practically every country in Latin America is in favor of diplomatic
                   relations with the island and I hope the only two that are left,
                   Honduras and El Salvador, will commit to them soon," he added.

                   In another part of his speech the former president stated that his
                   presence in Cuba was the result of a long-standing invitation, which
                   could not be taken up before for various reasons and which also
                   completes a tour of Latin America.

                   He described the Cuban medical assistance in his country as
                   extraordinary and described the doctors as "great ambassadors,
                   people have developed an affection for them, as well as recognition
                   and admiration, given that they have carried out a humane and
                   scientific labor of the first degree."

                   After expressing a desire to visit Old Havana, the distinguished visitor
                   commented that both peoples are brothers.

                   Carlos Roberto Reina was president of Honduras from 1994 to
                   1998, when he handed over the position to Carlos Flores Facusse,
                   the current president.