John Edward Hollenbeck
(June 5, 1829-Sept. 2, 1885)
Nicaragua Entrepeneur

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Arrived in New York from Nicaragua, Aug. 16, 1865
Arrived in New York from Greytown, Nicaragua, June 6, 1867

 Arrival in NYC from Hamburg, Sept. 28, 1867
Arrival in NYC from Aspinwall, Panama, Oct. 6, 1869

Arrival Los Angeles, CA Federal census, 1880
Passport issued July 2, 1883

Los Angeles, CA. voter 1884
Evergreen Cemetery, Los Angeles

George F. Cauty a Juan Rafael Mora (mayo 27, 1857, sobre John Edward Hollenbeck)
Claims Against Costa Rica: Convention Between the United States and Costa Rica of July 2, 1860