The Milwaukee Journal
September 6, 1978.  p. 1.

'71 Hijacker Gets Term of 15 Years

    Federal Judge John W. Reynolds has sentenced confessed airplane hijacker Garland Grant to 15 years in prison.
    Reynolds imposed the sentence Tuesday after the psychologists Tuesday indicated that they could not predict whether Grant would be dangerous in the future.  Reynolds had requested the psychological evaluation before imposing sentence.
    The tests were conducted in the federal prison at Oxford, Wis.  Grant was returned here for sentencing.

   Held in Cuba
    In setting the 15 year term, Reynolds said he was concerned that Grant could become violent or dangerous in the future.  He also said he believed the crime was sever enough to warrant the sentence.
    In two earlier courtroom appearances, Grant made lengthy, often disjointed and incoherent speeches.
    Grant, 27, voluntarily returned to the United States from Cuba earlier this year.  He had been held in prisons there for several years after the hijacking.  After his release, he claimed that he had been beaten and tortured in prison.
   Probation Sought
    Grant did not deny hijacking the plane, which had been scheduled to fly from Milwaukee to Detroit on Jan. 22, 1971.  He first ordered the plane flown to Africa and then decided on Cuba when he became convinced that Africa was too far for the plane to travel.
    In one earlier court appearance Grant said he felt he had been forced to hijack the plane because of actions by "racist Milwaukee police."