The Miami Herald
August 30, 2001

 Aristide supporters attack foes

 PORT-AU-PRINCE -- (AP) -- Supporters of President Jean-Bertrand Aristide of Haiti shot into the air and threw rocks on
 Wednesday at opposition partisans who were gathering for a protest.

 About a dozen government supporters shouted ``Aristide or death!'' as they attacked the 40 opposition protesters gathered on a
 street corner in suburban Petionville.

 The protesters briefly threw rocks back, but fled into a nearby park and side streets when the shots rang out.

 Police detained five opposition partisans, according to opposition leaders. Among those detained was a man hit in the head by a
 rock. It was unclear if his injuries were serious. No one else was hurt. The police declined to comment.

 The opposition charged Aristide's Lavalas Family party organized the attack to stop the protest. ``While Aristide is implanting his
 dictatorship, he will not tolerate any opposition demonstration,'' said opposition leader Evans Paul.

 But Lavalas Sen. Gerald Gilles said it could not be assumed the attackers were Lavalas backers.

 About 100 opposition partisans marched without incident Wednesday in Petit Goave, about 34 miles west of the capital,

 The protests were called by the 15-party Convergence opposition alliance to protest what they say is Aristide's stifling of
 democracy in Haiti.

 Five civilians, all Convergence members or supporters, are still being held on suspicion of involvement in July 28 attacks carried out
 by armed men on four police facilities.