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          Parliament has failed to ratify four of Préval's nominees for Prime Minister, and he said on Monday
          that once his latest nominee -- Education Minister Jacques-Édouard Alexis -- selected a Cabinet, he
          would decree it to be the new Government.

          "Préval has staged a coup against our democratic institutions," the Senate's President, Edgard
          Leblanc, said after the President's address.

          Haiti has not had an effective government since June 1997, when Prime Minister Rosny Smarth
          resigned to protest elections that he said were rigged with Préval's complicity to favor Aristide

          But disgruntled legislators, who are even more unpopular than Préval, seem to be unable to muster
          much protest from ordinary Haitians, who are struggling simply to deal with their grinding poverty.

          "The lawmakers brought this down upon their own heads," said Mathieu Painvier, an artist. "They
          don't represent the people's aspirations."