Haitian Revolt
February 2004



A nation in tatters: Haiti rapidly spiraling out of control
Amid Fear and Chaos, Haitian City Goes On
Analysis: Haiti's diverse rebels
Appeals for calm bring respite
Aristide accepts peace plan
Aristide Appeals to World for Aid
Aristide backers brace for fight as Haitian rebels advance
Aristide: I won't quit
Aristide leaves Haiti, new official to be sworn in as president
Aristide Offers To Share Power
Aristide Resigns, Flees Into Exile; United Nations Debates Multinational Force
Aristide says he's ready to die to defend Haiti
Aristide to world: Help stop bloodshed
Aristide warns more Haitians will become boat people
Aristide's Foes Given 24 Hours to Study Plan
Aristide's Foes: On the Same Side, but Denying Any Ties
Aristide's Foes Rule Out Plan to Share Power
Aristide's forces attack as revolt spreads
Aristide's opponents renew marches
Aristide's Supporters See a Friend of the Poor
Armed Revolt In Haiti Spreads To More Cities
As Police Flee, Rebels Tighten Grip in Haiti's Heartland
Cap-Haitien Falls to Rebels
Chaos Becomes a Way of Life in a Rebel-Held Haitian City
Chaos Erupts in Haitian Capital; U.S. Military May Deploy to Area
Contempt Unites All Kinds in Haiti
Day of horror, hope in Haiti as dawn brings Aristide's departure
Exiled Paramilitaries Join Haiti Rebels
Fearful citizen: 'I don't know who I can trust'
50 Marines arrive in Haiti as rebels threaten Port-au-Prince
Forces Close In on Key Haitian City
Foreigners Leave Haiti as Unrest Persists
France Seeks U.N. Force in Haiti
France wants Aristide out
Greater strife could fill a post-Aristide vacuum
Guy Philippe: The rebelling soldier
Haiti Leader Agrees to Peace Plan
Haiti leader urges intervention
Haiti: On the Brink
Haiti rebel force expands
Haiti rebels angry, but disorganized
Haiti's new president, Boniface Alexandre, called an honest man
Haitian Leader Appeals For Foreign Security Aid
Haitian Leader Rejects Rebel Demands That He Step Down
Haitian Leader Warns of Exodus and Appeals for Help
Haitian Leader's Allies Block Opposition Demonstration
Haitian Police Win Back Three Towns
Haitian rebels await a new attack
Haitian Rebels Eye Capital
Haitian rebels out of loop
Haitian rebels reach into the past for reinforcements
Haitian Educator Beaten Up, But Not Beaten Down
Haitian Forces Battling Uprising Report Retaking 3 Towns
Haitian Official Appeals For Help to End Revolt
Haitian President Rescinds Ban on Marches
Haitian's Plea for International Help Draws a Muted Response
In Haiti, Two Sides and Bloodshed Between
In Haiti, shift from disjointed rebellion to wider uprising
Journalists often in the crossfire
Key Haitian city falls as rebels aim for capital
Leader's wife: Haiti at risk
Marines Land in Haiti to Protect U.S. Embassy
Notorious figures return from exile to aid gangs
Opponents of Aristide keep the pressure on
Opposition: Rebels need safety pledge
Opposition rejects talks with Aristide
Police desert posts in Cap-Haïtien
Police force on run from rebels
Police in Haiti's Second City Retreat Into Station
Police won't fire on rebels, Aristide says
Port-au-Prince calm but tense while awaiting rebels
President's supporters brace for attack
Pro-Aristide Forces Attack Opposition Marchers in Haiti
Q&A: What's behind the violent uprisings in Haiti?
Rebel chief says he is a servant of his nation
Rebel leadership united in mission: To push Aristide out
Rebel force small but intense
Rebel Soldiers Take Control of Haiti's Central Plateau
Rebel uses Internet to check world pulse
Rebellion pushes Haitiís hospitals to brink of collapse
Rebels' aim: Choke, take Port-au-Prince
Rebels attack cops sent to Gonaives
Rebels close in on Port-au-Prince
Rebels look for looters, wait to invade capital
Rebels overrun town in Haiti, kill police commissioner
Rebels Preparing to Attack Haiti Capital
Rebels raid town where UM clinic is
Rebels Seize Government's Last Stronghold in North Haiti
Rebels Take Crossroads Town Near Haiti's Capital
Rebels Take Over Haiti's Fourth-Largest City
Recent Events in Haitian History
Rise and fall of a 'Haitian Mandela'
Rival Militias May Determine Haiti's Future
Scenes of horror in Haiti battles
Seeing New Beginning, Bush Sends Marines to Restore Order
Slum's 'military of Aristide' set to take on rebels
Some Americans wonít leave smoldering nation
Supporters of Haitian President Block Opponents' Peaceful Protest
Tough rebel both feared and loved
Thousands cheer takeover, protesting 'Aristide must go!'
3 gang leaders hatched plot for a revolt
Town taken from rebels feels heat of reprisal
Tracing The Turn On Aristide
Uncertainty, fear of violence dominate life in countryside
Uprising Against Aristide Spreads in Haiti
U.S. Marines Fortify Haiti Embassy
U.S. missionaries caught in Haiti's crossfire
U.S. troops deployed to Haiti after Aristide resigns and violence flares
Violence flares as Haitian President Aristide resigns, seeks asylum; U.S. troops could be deployed
Violence in Haiti Abates, but Not the Tension
Violence mars protest in Haiti; carnival joy dampened
Weakened Haitian Police Forces Overwhelmed by Rebel Violence
When Aristide leaves, revolt ends, rebel says
Who's next? Haitian prime minister, supreme court justice, in line to step in after Aristide

Haitians now ask: 'What next?'
U.N. to police Haiti
In rebels' first city, a celebration
Shock and grief are shared by many in capital
Country's future is hard to predict
Low-key lawyer takes spotlight
Thousands cheer Aristide ouster as rebels roll into capital
Rebels Enter Haitian Capital; U.S. and French Troops Arrive
Aristide Resigns, Flies Into Exile; U.S. Marines to Lead Peacekeeping
Former Ally's Shift in Stance Left Haiti Leader No Recourse
A City Smolders as Night Falls
Text of U.N. Resolution on Haiti
Rebel chief is hailed in capital
Rebels Enter Haiti Capital In Triumph
Rebel chief declares self Haiti's leader, will arrest prime minister
Deported war criminal freed in Haiti
Rebel Says He Is in Charge; Political Chaos Deepens
Rebel Claims Control Over Haiti's Security
Haitian rebels to pull back after meeting with U.S. officials
Ex-police chief back for old role
Rebels get out; Marines roll in
Top Haitian Rebels Pledge to Disarm
Rebel Leader in Haiti Says His Work Is Done
U.S. Patrols Start in Haiti, but Residents Remain Wary
Strife makes hiding a way of life
Work starts on choosing leader
Marines Spread Out In Haitian Capital
South Africa admits sending weapons to Haiti
Top rebel wavers on disarming
US marines clean up, to Haitians' relief - and chagrin
U.S. Special Forces in Haiti Seeking Out Rebel Leaders
Marines Extend Reach Past Haitian Capital
Thousands march to celebrate Aristide's exit
Violence, chaos stalk Haitian city Les Cayes
Gunfire Kills 5 During a March in Haiti Capital
4 Protesters, 1 Journalist Killed During Rally in Haiti
In Rebel City, Guns Are Power and No One Wants to Let Go
Violence flares at rally for Aristide opponents
An Interim President for Haiti Is Sworn In
Haiti's Prime Minister Chosen
New Haitian Prime Minister Arrives, Vowing to Restore Unity
Rebels, police clash in port city
Haitian Cabinet Weighs Disarming Rebels
Haiti's Struggle to Restore the Rule of Law
Former prime minister wants U.S. protection
Rebel commander threatens to kill Haiti's ousted Aristide
Senior Haitian officer is arrested