The New York Times
March 10, 1999
Guevara Wedding Certificate Returned

          By The Associated Press

          MEXICO CITY (AP) -- A marriage certificate recording revolutionary
          Ernesto ``Che'' Guevara's 1955 wedding has been returned to a Mexican
          registry office months after it was stolen.

          Officials first noted the document was missing in February, when an
          anonymous tipster called the registry, saying it had been stolen several
          months before. Police began an investigation.

          On Tuesday, the certificate -- which records Guevara's Aug. 18, 1955
          marriage to Peruvian Hilda Gadea -- was returned to the registry in an
          unmarked envelope with no return address.

          Guevara, a doctor, was working intermittently at a Mexico City hospital
          when he married Gadea. He later divorced her and remarried in Cuba.

          Registry officials said the document would be returned to the registry
          book from which it was removed several months ago, the government
          news agency Notimex reported.

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