The Miami Herald
September 23, 1998
Remains of Che Guevara ally found

             LA PAZ, Bolivia -- (AP) -- The remains of ``Tania,'' a German-Argentine woman
             who died in combat in Ernesto ``Che'' Guevara's ill-fated guerrilla campaign in
             eastern Bolivia 31 years ago, have been identified by Cuban forensic experts.

             The remains of Laura Gutierrez Bauer, also known as Tamara Bunke, were
             identified Monday. They were found last week in the Andean town of
             Vallegrande, 540 miles southeast of La Paz, where Guevara was executed by
             Bolivian troops after he was captured in 1967.

             Tania, the only female combatant in the Cuban-sponsored guerrilla group, died
             before Guevara when the unit she was with was ambushed by the Bolivian army.

             Family members have asked that her remains be taken to Cuba and buried in a
             tomb where 17 other rebels lie.

             The remains of Guevara and other guerrilla fighters were found earlier this year on
             the Vallegrande airstrip.

             Before joining the guerrilla army, Tania worked as a German-language teacher in
             La Paz while providing Guevara and his army logistical support.


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