New York Times

February 13, 1958.  p. 14.


Ydigoras Named Guatemala Chief

Congress Selects Rightist After Jan. 19 Vote Failed to Give a Majority


Special to The New York Times

            GUATEMALA, Feb. 12—Congress elected Gen. Miguel Ydigoras Fuentes President of Guatemala today for a full six-year term.

            The legislators ruled that the Provisional President, Guillermo Flores Avendaño, should hand over the Presidency to General Ydigoras March 2.

            The 62-year-old general, candidate of the Right-wing National Democratic Reconciliation party in the Jan. 19 election, received forty votes in Congress. His opponent, Col. José Luis Cruz Salazar, received eighteen. Seven votes were blank and one of the sixty-six Deputies was absent.

            General Ydigoras won a plurality of more than 52,000 votes in the election over Colonel Cruz Salazar, a Right-winger who was the candidate of a middle-of-the-road coalition.

            The President-elect succeeded in winning the post after two previous failures. He ran unsuccessfully against former President Jacobo Arbenz Guzman in 1950 and was officially labeled the loser in an election last October.

            This election was declared invalid after General Ydigoras, charging official fraud, led his supporters in rioting and disorders.

            The Right-wing chief also competed unsuccessfully with the late Col. Carlos Castillo Armas for leadership of the conspiracy that took Colonel Castillo Armas to the Presidency after the 1954 overthrow of the Communist-infiltrated Arbenz regime. It was President Castillo Armas’ assassination last July 26 that precipitated the elections in October and last month.

            The President-elect was a high official during the 14-year dictatorship of Gen. Jorge Ubico, which was overthrown in 1944.