BBC News
June 18, 2003

DJs catch 'Castro' in hoax

     Two Miami radio hosts say they have fooled Cuban leader Fidel Castro by
     pretending to be President Hugo Chavez of Venezuela in a prank call.

     The two hosts of the radio programme El Vacilon de la Manana (Morning Joker) spliced
     together clips from a Chavez speech and played them to trick Mr Castro into thinking
     he was talking to the Venezuelan leader.

     Then they revealed themselves and called Mr Castro a killer, reportedly prompting a
     tirade of abuse before Mr Castro hung up.

     The radio hosts, Enrique Santos and Joe Ferrero, played the same joke on Mr Chavez
     in January, using a recording of Mr Castro.

     The two Latin American leaders are allies.

     In the latest prank, the DJs pretended to be an aide phoning Mr Castro to ask about a
     suitcase Mr Chavez allegedly lost when the two men were both in Argentina.

     When they got through to a man who listeners say appeared to be the Cuban president,
     they had a brief conversation then told him he had fallen for their prank.

     It has not been possible to confirm that the victim was Mr Castro himself.

     The radio hosts regularly include a slot called "Fidel's on the phone for you" in which
     they try to fool victims with recordings of the Cuban's voice.

     Miami is home to a large Cuban expatriate population, much of it fiercely anti-Castro.

     The Cuban Government has not commented on the prank.